International Congress in Kazan

The Executive Committee  of Comité International Permanent des Linguistes, CIPL, announces that the upcoming International Congress of Linguists, ICL21, will take place in Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia) from 25 June to 2 July 2023. ICL is the world congress of linguists and started with the First International Congress of Linguists in The Hague (the Netherlands) in 1928, at which conference CIPL was founded.

ICL21 will be jointly organised by Kazan Federal University and the Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

Honorary President of the conference will be the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Mr. Rustam Minnikhanov.
The Congress Presidents will be Prof. Ilshat Gafurov, Rector of Kazan Federal University, and Dr. Andrej A. Kibrik, Director of the Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow.
Prof. David Bradley, President of CIPL, will chair the Scientific Committee.
Prof. Camiel Hamans, Associated Secretary-General of CIPL, will act as Secretary-General of the Congress.
In due course, a website will be opened on which further information about the substantive and organizational aspects of the conference will be published. Registration will be opened in 2022.

Further information on ICL21 can be obtained from Prof. Frieda Steurs, Secretary-General of CIPL (, or Prof. Camiel Hamans (