For coffee breaks, hallways and rooms of the Congress venues will be used. Coffee breaks will include, among other food, traditional Tatar sweets (mini-pie gubadia and honey-and-dough sweet chack-chack).

All the Congress venues are located in the touristic centre of Kazan. The participants can choose among many restaurants, cafes, and canteens located within a 1-15 minute walk from the Congress venues. Each university building has also 1-3 canteens.

The reception will be held in the Ballroom of Korston Club Hotel.

Some options for breakfast, lunch and dinner located within walking distance from the Congress venues

Trali-Vali (canteen in the main building of the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication)

Location: 2, Tatarstan St., ground floor

Average order value (lunch): 150-200 RUB

KFU Canteen (behind the Physics Department building)

Location: 16A Kremlyovskaya St.

Average order value: 150-300 RUB

House of the Tatar Cuisine

Location:31/12 Baumana St.

Average order value: 500-1000 RUB

Tatar Mansion

Location: 8 Sh. Mardgani St.

Average order value: 1300 RUB

Khan-Bulak Restaurant

Location: 53, Pravo-Bulachnaya St.

Business lunch: 249 RUB (11am – 4pm)

Average order value (lunch, dinner): 450-1000 RUB

30% discount on the main menu before 6pm

Aquarium Restaurant (in the hotel Art; has a summer terrace)

Location: 33, Ostrovsky St.

Average order value (lunch, dinner): 500-1000 RUB

Breakfast: from 200 RUB

On the Roof Loft restaurant (in the shopping center Svita Hall; has a beautiful view over the city)

Location: 82, Bauman street, 5th floor

Business lunch: from 350 to 400 RUB

Average order value (lunch, dinner): 500-1000 RUB

Cafe Pasta

Location: 28, Levo-Bulachnaya St.

Average order value (lunch, dinner): 500-900 RUB

Cafe Oblepikha

Location: 1 / 55A, Pushkin St., 2nd floor

Average order value (lunch, dinner): 500-1000 RUB

Canteen of Koltso Shopping Center

Location: 1 Peterburgskaya, 4th Floor

The canteen offers fast food, sushi, traditional Tatar & Russian food, etc.